Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 you're not going to make it

ivan is the only one who knows what we're in for, you can tell sarah & i have no idea

as ivan pointed out "not everybody makes it to the top"

this girl is a rockstar! she ran 5 miles before the hike & still killed it
i had the best view going up

the view
these feet did a lot of work

kiss the rock!
                                                         taking a break                                                                                                           trying to find reception

on saturday we hiked mt. olympus which, among other things, offers one of the most spectacular views of the salt lake valley. you can see everything! it's pretty amazing, & pretty strenuous {as per the internet & my legs - which are still sore}. it took us all day {10:30 am - 5:30 pm}, but was so worth the effort. ivan had been telling me for days that i wouldn't make it, that i would want to quit, etc. this never happened. in fact i had a much easier time than he did, boo-yah! the last bit of bouldering was the best! oh how i love to climb! the one downfall was that although i reapplied sunscreen to my shoulders & legs i forgot my back {which is now badly sunburned -  i will now have the darkest tan line in the shape of my sports bra}. sarah & i had lots of fun chatting about everything under the sun as we roasted under the sun {next time we are leaving much earlier} while ivan lead us up & back down. although i started to get fancy on the way down & starting doing the pigeon pose {i.e. sliding & falling down on my legs in the most obnoxious way possible}. usually i'm very talented at almost falling, but now i was taking it up a notch. afterwards we ran to dan's & headed straight for the drinking fountains {because despite the fact that i had carried 2.5 liters of water, ivan had 3 water bottles & 1 large limeade, & sarah had 1 liter of water & 1 large gatorade - we ran out of liquids with about an hour left of hiking in the blazing sun}. after we made it home i made us a "recovery" shake &  we sat on the couch for several hours before i ran to grab some mexican. oh yeah, we know how to do the weekend right.

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Charlotte said...

these photos are gorgeous, i really want to go on a hike now. Did you hurt the morning after? i would have been in so much pain x

iordanovs said...

Thanks! I was sore for a few days, it was pretty intense, but well worth it {nothing like a good hike}.