Wednesday, July 11, 2012

0 can i start today over?

ugh! i just want to crawl in bed & pretend that this morning never happened! because let me tell you, it has not been good so far. waiting over an hour in the dmv & then getting a speeding ticket {first one in over 3 years i might add} which will cost an arm & a leg plus driving school {if you don't do driving school it's just an arm}. add that to the fact that i'm quiting coffee this week cold turkey {stomach issues} & you get one seriously grumpy/pissed off girl. i wish that time travel was real so i could just rewind & start today over . . . grrrrrrrrr! in order to stave off the rant & avoid profanity i'll show you something i think is really magical {even though i'm sure it can be explained quite simply}. 

this is my lavender tea . . . 

this is my lavender tea with lemon juice . . .

crazy talk! it amazes me every time.

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