Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 ivan's eyes vs. the flash

the flash wins . . . every time. once {when i first introduced ivan to my parents - gasp} my dad tried half a dozen times to get a picture of us where ivan's eyes weren't closed & considering that his camera flashes about a dozen times before it even attempts to take a picture - we eventually had to force my father to put the camera down {the people at the restaurant were starting to get annoyed}. oh how i love my ivan! we will have beautiful "squinty/closed during flash" eyed children. 
p.s. these are from a concert we went to a few years back {our first together & my first non-classical}. good times, good times.
p.p.s. i am kind of in love with the colored swooshes of light in the pictures.
p.p.p.s. happy hump day!

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Charlotte said...

haha, this post is brilliant! I have the same problem with the flash, always with the closed eyes.. or worse.. half closed eyes x

iordanovs said...

Thanks! I'll let Ivan know about the half-closed bit too funny. I generally look a bit Asian when I smile, flash or no.