Friday, November 23, 2012

5 post-thanksgiving post

so yesterday was a little crazy - pies take so much longer than they should & then there were the yams & a "too long" drive & yeah . . . but today, today is the day after. it's been great really, no stress, just leftover goodness {we have already discussed the greatness of leftovers here}. i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving & are enjoying yourselves on this black friday {why is it called "black friday" anyway?}. i hope that you have leftovers & comfy clothes {i must show you my ridiculously long yoga pants someday - i call them my pants with socks} & some good bad tv today - because it's the perfect day for that. enjoy!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

0 when you've saved too many wine bottles

once upon a time we used to keep the empty wine bottles so we could remember which ones we liked. this was fine until the wine bottles overtook the pantry. that's when i came up with the brilliant idea of using the "almost old" idea of using chalkboard paint on the inside of the pantry door so we could write them down instead. i loved how it turned out! so much so that i like keeping the pantry door open {even though the pantry isn't very attractive to look at} & have decided that this needs to happen in all of our homes. 

i used the same chalkboard idea to make some art for our bedroom - this was the poem we used on our announcements - très romantique no? - p.s. i've never been able to write in a straight line {evidence above}.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

0 enjoying this with a cup of coffee

happy friday!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

0 and now for something completely familiar

okay, now it's back to food! yay! i mean everyone loves food right? sometimes i think some people don't though {how else can mcdonald's & meals in a box exist} but enough of that. for those of you who've missed the pictures of delicious dishes, they're back! prepare yourself for a montage of what we've eaten {& taken pictures of} lately .

this cake was sooooo good & the sauce was even better! plus it was excuse to buy a fancy liqueur {who doesn't love that?}.

ah yes, it is that "everything pumpkin flavored" time of year
the hollandaise sauce took two tries & i was super nervous about poaching eggs but it worked the first time! so i guess it evened out - plus they were fantastic so it was definitely a win overall.

thanks for sticking around, this week was crazy {of course} with an extra crazy piled on top when my external hard drive was dropped {not the first time} & broke. this incident caused hours of frustration & possibly some tears but all is well now {thanks for asking}. hope you have a wonderful friday tomorrow! i get excited for the weekend momentarily & then realize that all my weekends are consumed with work & school. that's when i tell my self "this will all be worth it. this will all be worth it. this will all be . . . 

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

0 the ghosts of halloweens past & present

halloween is a fun holiday for ivan & i, not only is it the night we met but it's a chance to dress up, eat, drink & be merry. i adore dressing up so it's always been one of my favorite holidays - when else is it acceptable to wear that much makeup & jewelry?! this year we didn't have much time to put together our costumes so we just did "ethnicities" - yeah that didn't sound bad. anyway, it was way fun, travis fell in love with his mustache {he may make it full time} & all the indians at the party were in love with my sari {one girl was so excited she asked to have her picture taken with me}. hope you had a great halloween! we're looking forward to next year {one of two costume ideas will be decided upon later - the winner is mostly determinate upon the state of travis & ivan's abs} - i bet you're confused aren't you? guess you'll just have to wait for next year!

my costume last year was killer {so was the amount of time it took to do the makeup}! so here's halloween outfits from years past:

lichtenstein girl, zombie & lazy missionary {2011}

huckleberry pie & raspberry tart {2010}

cheerleader & referee {2009} - my boots {borrowed from my cousin} were killer & ivan attracted a lot of female attention with his inflatable bosom

and . . . {drum-roll please} . . . the night ivan & i met october 31, 2008 {the costume is familiar no?} my best bud sam introduced us & is dressed up as a greek goddess here.

long live halloween!
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 going AWOL

autumn around here has been pretty gorgeous & although it feels wrong to brag about the weather {what with sandy & all} it's been almost perfect - well weatherwise. in other matters it's been a little crazy, okay that's a lie, it's been a lot crazy. an insane cocktail of work, schoolwork, illness & very little sleep have made me slightly zombiesque {very fitting for the time of year}. i have this really great habit of overloading myself & then being filled with an overwhelming lack of motivation to get anything done. so hopefully things will calm down & return to some sense of normalcy. although it is kind of fun to be working & listening to your brother & sister scream while they watch a vampire movie with your husband {if one was to sit next to them during a scary movie bruises usually follow - it's much safer to be farther away - død snø proved that}. happy halloween right?

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