Monday, February 25, 2013

0 never mind my hair, look at that blizzard!

so my hair is now red. i mean, really, really red! i would have liked it a little more yellow {this always seems to happen}. it's bright & fun though, the perfect color for this dull winter that never seems to end, ugh. this weekend was fun though! ivan & i went out to dinner with some of my studio companions & then all the girly cousins & aunts got together {which is always fun!}. getting to the restaurant was not as fun, the snow was really coming down & the roads were so slick there were moments of 10 mph action on the freeway & lots of accidents. however, everyone got there & back safe & sound & only a little worse for the wear. anyway, i hope you all had good weekends & are ready to start the new one! also, i hope that my eyes stop with their allergy ridiculousness so that i can wear my contacts again. these are my beginning of the week wishes {this is a real thing right?}.

don't worry that the waiter couldn't seem to figure out how to focus the camera, maybe i should have tipped him less

happy birthday jenny! the fish hat is a great look on you!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2 kataifi & coffee for breakfast

ivan decided to make his favorite turkish dessert last night, kataifi {it's kind of a specialty of his}. he made a giant pan of it & it's so rich you can only have a little at a time. so . . . here's to dessert for breakfast! {you may all say this, but my husband is the best! really he is}.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

0 i need a taller mirror

monochromatic meals are awesome 
i will never get enough sleep
when i collect my coffee cups, my caffeine habit looks scary
you can never go wrong with fuschia
especially lipstick
taking risks is great 
even if it's just your hair
it's finally friday
oh yes

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

0 a tale of two boots

f21 sweater, similar shorts, riding boots, shoemint booties

i love my "lumberjack" sweater. the combination of red, navy & black is gorgeous. as was this day! i'm wearing shorts & i was only a little bit cold. whenever february hits i'm just so ready for winter to be over. i long for spring, sun, warmth some signs of life emerging from the frozen ground. on a rather unrelated note, i have this thing for industrial brick buildings, it's a strange sort of fetish & one i've never been able to fully explain but there it is all the same. anyway, i had a chance to visit one for a project at school & figured why not shoot some pictures here while i was at it. i had the riding boots for convenience sake {god knows the black booties are beautiful - but the last thing i want to be doing in them is trudging through snow & all manner of grossness to take site pictures} & ended up liking them with the outfit as well - although as you can tell, as soon as i put the booties on the sexiness came out! seriously, it's a contagious feeling & it comes as soon as you zip those booties up!

                                                          isn't the dilapidated signage great?
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

0 ivan made me a wonderful breakfast & dinner

so then i returned the favor - i poached some eggs & made some fresh pico de gallo, yum. ivan is famous for his crepes! they really are delicious! with the berry syrup {a little creme de cassis}, nutella, & freshly whipped cream the crepes are to die for! steaks & wine for dinner is one of our favorite celebratory meals - yay for valentines! i hope you all are having a good week. happy hump day! i don't know about you but i just keep surviving one day at a time, spring break is only a couple weeks away! 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

1 a fisherman's tale

as soon as i saw this sweater i was in love! besides the fact that it is neon yellow {love that color} it is loose & comfy with a neckline that shows just enough decolletage to keep it from looking frumpy. those lovely large cables {just the sort of thing a grandpa would wear} & the brass colored buttons on this sweater totally won me over - the only thing it needs to be perfect are pockets. i live & die for pockets! live & die i tell you! plus the long sleeves let me hide my hands {a habit, coincidentally enough, that my grandfather always hated}. oh! oh! these are my best-ever leather brogues that i would wear {& almost do} everywhere! i love that they go with anything & are the perfect way to show off a little ankle - oh baby!

f21 fisherman's sweater, hm pants, shoemint brogues:similar

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

0 in my mind i'm running like this . . .

especially when i'm listening to some great dance music like yelle, lady gaga or anything from the 80's. sometimes said desire overwhelms any sense of decorum & i find myself mouthing the words or even doing air drums to system of a down or rage against the machine {best running music ever!} . . . so help me i will never be cool.

p.s. if you haven't seen "burn after reading" you should, it's amazing!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 a little sentimentality, forgive me

marrying you was the best decision ever! thanks for being my valentine ivan! you still make me giddy! happy valentine's day my love!

all photos by abby alger photography

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2 listening to this . . .

while i paint this . . .

hopefully i'll be done soon! my class starts in exactly 4 hours!
p.s. the picture i'm painting is from this lovely lady

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

0 ke$ha got it right

something 'bout boots & boys . . . especially boots! these are my lovely new black leather booties from shoemint! this is my second pair from their website & i have to admit i'm pretty happy with both of them. of course i can only afford them on sale - but i'm a poor graduate student, it's expected.

*i'm sure this goes without saying but this is not a sponsored post, i just really like their shoes!

they're a match made in heaven for my leather pants . . wow ashley, you really need to clean your mirrors!
i love the zipper detail & the 4 1/2" heels! i dare you to wear them & not feel sexy!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

0 wine & games with friends

these are essential & need to be enjoyed much more often than they currently are at our house. our dearest of friends, sarah, camilla, amanda & scot joined us in a night of imbibing & laughing to our hearts content. we {ivan & i} probably shared too much about ourselves {when do i not? i have that tendency - it's probably why i was attracted to blogging - "hey world i don't have enough people around me to whom i can tell my every thought . . . i know i'll share them with everyone!"}. in a word it was fantastic & i can't wait for it to happen again. happy monday everyone! i hope you had as lovely a weekend as i did! i have a  four day weekend & i am excited as hell! see you soon! {this blog is turning into a "what i've done over the weekend" thing - we'll see if i can be a little more consistent with the other posts . . . }

remember me? 
our lovely amanda & sarah!
this lovely girl brought us back guava jam {looooove this stuff} from barbados! thanks camilla!
the game for the evening - so much fun!
ivan was really happy when scot showed up & he wasn't weighed down with the responsibility of representing all "mandom"
favorite pic of the evening!

sarah & i were twinsie winners!

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