Sunday, August 25, 2013

2 a little luxury

sometimes you want something simply because it's beautiful, ridiculous, impractical & unexpected. my two luxury purchases this week were precisely that. i'd been eyeballing the caviar manicure kit for quite some time now & finally caved. the texture is super fun although i have to admit it's definitely for people who don't use their hands a lot {or never do dishes} as it only lasted a couple of days - a couple of gloriously textured days! the other splurge was lady gaga's perfume, fame. the perfume itself is black {not the bottle} & smells addictively sweet. there's nothing like a little luxury to make reality {read school starting on monday} a little more bearable. 

as a sucker for good packaging i loved this seal. as well as the bottle, it's quite stunning.
p.s. the perfume in the background on the left is flowerbomb {my "signature scent"} the price tag is well worth the compliments it garners & although i love it, i'm pretty excited to add a little variety to my olfactory repertoire.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

0 so much keeps happening!

as i may have mentioned before i've been working A LOT. i've been working so much that sleep has become a luxury & my coffee intake has increased exponentially {i never thought i'd be so excited for school to start so that i can work less}. over the weekend my sister suzy {who is a year younger than myself} & her husband dave came to town! why did they do that you may ask. was it to escape the extreme heat & boredom of phoenix? no, well maybe a little, but it was mostly because my dear brother travis got married this tuesday! the rest of my family {except one sister - there are 13 siblings total - I'm from utah remember?} made it for the wedding & it was a small, beautiful event. we were able to get together with natalie, a dear friend for brunch & discussed the awesomeness of "sharknado" {which ivan is trying desperately to procure - since we don't have TV}. we had thai food with my parents & the kiddos as well as indian food with the girls while the boys went go-kart racing for travis's bachelor party. all in all it was a great weekend & week! oh! i also purchased a pair of wedge sneakers! ivan is convinced they look like boots & only likes them because of how happy they make me  {apparently high-top velcro sneakers were never popular in bulgaria so he's missing the whole nostalgic affect the shoes give}. in other news i finally got my hair done! inch long roots are sooo not my thing. aaaaannnnnnd we ran a half-marathon this morning! after which we enjoyed the much anticipated machine gun sandwich from bruges waffles & frites {this indulgence has been planned since we decided that we wanted to run a half-marathon -  how else could we justify eating that many carbs in one sitting?} we had to walk around downtown afterwards so that we didn't feel quite so sick - i couldn't even eat the whole thing. sorry that my posts have become so infrequent & consequently ridiculously long! that being said here are a silly amount of pictures! i hope you are enjoying your summer! only one week until school starts! eek!

photo by lincoln
 preparing for the bachelor party

 indian food never gets old

 are my sisters not adorable?!
just a little plants vs. zombies
 i love these people!
 sister time
 eggs benedict! yum!
 lovely ladies!
 masculine men!
 we attempted a bbq in the canyons but got rained out, boo!

 i'm obsessed with suzy's shoes!

congratulations travis & luisa!
 time for dancing! this one of ivan & rachel melts my heart!!!
 time for thai!

 i love my goofy family!
 check out sarah's new half-sleeve! a flower for every place she's been to - still a work in progress.
 best carb loading meal ever!
 this is my bad-ass face since it was the porter rockwell half-marathon.
 this man is just beautiful - sorry i can't help but show him off
 this sandwich was so big we had to eat about half the fries before we could even attempt to fit it into our mouths

 even after all the windswept fry eating it was still difficult - we had sauce all over our faces! a sure sign of a good meal
happy saturday!

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