Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 in a tight spot

i sort of have this brick fetish, there's something so warm & nostalgic about this rough material. someday my house will be filled with old brick walls & the universe will be at peace. in the meantime i have to satisfy myself with narrow alleyways {that didn't sound awkward at all}. in other news last night i tried to make a new dish & well . . . it took forever {not to mention that i had to roast things in the stove which made our apartment super toasty}. note to self: when the recipe doesn't say how long it takes to make, expect it to take several hours. it was super delicious but it was such a pain to make that it won't be happening again for a while. i dream of the day when i'll have a proper kitchen {you know one with a dishwasher and more than 4 feet of counter top}. but until then i'll have to make do with cooking by table lamp light {our kitchen light went out almost 2 weeks ago & they have yet to fix it}. anyway, enough kitchen woes. i wish you all the happiest of tuesdays! and now for food . . .

                                                    the soup that took a lifetime to make.                     baby spring mix + blueberries + almonds + olive oil + balsamic vinegar = heaven

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his little lady said...

wow, these pictures are absolutely incredible! i love that the alley is such a tight space. it makes for a great optical allusion.
xo TJ

iordanovs said...

Thanks! We had a lot of fun taking the pictures, I'm glad you like them.