Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 and then . . .

yesterday as i was walking into the dining room eating some ham i heard the key turn in the lock which meant ivan was home. the same feeling that has often come over me hit me with undeniable force - "hide!" i silently slipped into the pantry & closed the door leaving just a crack. i was going to scare the bejesus out of him as he walked past; it was going to be epic. the first time he walked past i still had a rather large chunk of half masticated ham in my mouth so i decided to wait, surely he would walk past again soon. our apartment is rather small, where else was he going to go? my bag & coat, etc. were in the dining room so i figured he would see that & get curious as to where i had gone. 

however, this did not happen. he walked in the bathroom, he walked into the bedroom, then he went into the kitchen & started doing dishes . . . DISHES! ivan hates doing dishes & the first thing he does when he gets home is dishes! normally i would have thought how sweet {which i admit did happen momentarily} but i just really wanted him to walk into the dining room so i could pop out "kato" style  & he would commence screaming. so i waited patiently. normally when ivan does dishes he does as little as possible & it takes him 5 minutes. i could wait 5 minutes. so i stood & listened to my sweet husband wash dishes. i waited . . . & waited . . . & waited . . . the sound of clinking dishes & running water kept going . . . & going . . . & going . . . when was this going to end?! i shifted quietly & waited some more. i was fine until body parts started to go numb from a rather cramped positioning, so i shifted again & began to use my psychic powers to get him to stop washing those damn dishes! the dish washing just continued on. 

i started to contemplate giving up on the whole thing but then i thought "well, i've waited this long, it would be ridiculous to give up now" . . . and so i waited . . .


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

0 quintessential bathroom hair shots annnnnd . . . my lunch

so my hairstyle is pretty awesome! i'm so excited about how long it's gotten! it was a pixie just a year ago - which was pretty awesome as well {i love that i never had to "do" my hair, just let it dry & then it was good to go}. while this length does require a little more work the fact that it's curly is also a benefit {dry & go - booyah}. oh & see this  this was my lunch. my awesomely delicious lunch. leftover goodness of course.  leftovers are about as good as dry & go hair {pretty much like crack}. happy tuesday world.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

0 autumn falling

similar scarf, f21 shirt: similar, f21 dress: similar, similar belt, boots, similar laptop bag

so fall break is at its end & i still have soooo much to do! how did this happen? it seems i could spend an entire day doing something & at the end of it accomplish nothing {or what appears to be very close to that}. the good news is that the inch long roots my brother was teasing me about are gone! gone i tell you! plus my hair is pretty close to being a bob! i will post pictures soon . . . ivan's napping now . . . saturdays can be so rough.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 room for reading

similar earrings, old navy shirt: similar, h&m skirt: similar, similar scarf, similar bracelet, similar shoes

one of the things i wanted to accomplish over my break {among the very many things on my overly long "to-do" list} was to rearrange the office & dining room. our office is full of light, which is awesome {except when you want to use it as an office}. seeing as the office was never actually used as an office i decided to move the desk into our large dining room & changed the "office" into a "reading room." it's quite lovely in there now - all we need now is a comfy reading chair! maybe for christmas? wink, wink!

p.s. this lace skirt is divine! is it possible to go into h&m and not find an adorable skirt? i have yet to find otherwise.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

0 and that my friends is called "megalomania"


on my run today i encountered an old man clapping, no applauding, and he was looking right at me. immediately i started to blush {or maybe that was the heat - it was a particularly warm october day today} & i was pondering in my mind if i should say something as i ran past him. i have on occasion gotten a "good job!" & smiles of approval on my run - aw the joys of a fan club. in my mind i saw not this singular elder, but an entire crowd of people cheering me on with unabashed enthusiasm & wishing they could be me {in my mind i was doing a humble royalty wave to them}. however this ethereal feeling of superiority was soon dashed as i noticed he was clapping at his dog {the dumb witted creature seemed unable to pick up the ball & it was irritating the old man}. so as i ran past i said nothing, & looked away thinking "and that my friends is called megalomania."

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Friday, October 5, 2012

0 so that's why they call them "crumble" muffins

so there was this one time that i decided to make dessert at 10:30 pm, on a week night {wednesday night}. the decision was based on the ability to make the dessert without going to the grocery store, so i went with lemon verbena & mixed berry crumble muffins. oh my goodness they turned out horribly, well horribly looking. i assume that they would have turned out better if i had adjusted the recipe for high altitude - but it's impossible to know for sure. ivan had offered to take the extras to work but once he saw the finished product he rescinded his offer - so we ate them all ourselves {which wasn't all that bad}. i found out why they were called "crumble" muffins when i tried taking them out of the muffin tin & they proceeded to "crumble" everywhere {i guess i should have used the muffin papers after all}. 

oh! i got beautiful riding boots! real leather boots! this is a first time for me & i'm pretty damn excited! i've never spent that much on any single item of clothing/shoe & i'm expecting them to last a while & keep my feet toasty during this upcoming winter. bring it on!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

0 is wednesday too late to do a weekend post?

so this weekend was great . . . this week has been crazy, absolute madness i tell you! however, next week is fall break so i'll have time to catch up on the craziness then, right? i'm hoping to have some fun too {i've already gotten the next two seasons of the gilmore girls & am thinking of anna karenina for a read}. so this last weekend we got together with a good friend of mine & some good friends of ours. nothing better than good food & drinks with good friends & conversation . . . nothing.

musicians at the farmers' markets are the best!


this girl rocks!

the cutest watering elephant you ever did see!

must i share?
shout out to camilla my lovely! unfortunately i didn't have any pictures of you that turned out . . . so saddening, as you were an integral part of the joyous evening!

what happens when you have 4 bottles of wine between 5 people & you forget that you turned the focus to manual
gone so soon?

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