Wednesday, October 3, 2012

0 is wednesday too late to do a weekend post?

so this weekend was great . . . this week has been crazy, absolute madness i tell you! however, next week is fall break so i'll have time to catch up on the craziness then, right? i'm hoping to have some fun too {i've already gotten the next two seasons of the gilmore girls & am thinking of anna karenina for a read}. so this last weekend we got together with a good friend of mine & some good friends of ours. nothing better than good food & drinks with good friends & conversation . . . nothing.

musicians at the farmers' markets are the best!


this girl rocks!

the cutest watering elephant you ever did see!

must i share?
shout out to camilla my lovely! unfortunately i didn't have any pictures of you that turned out . . . so saddening, as you were an integral part of the joyous evening!

what happens when you have 4 bottles of wine between 5 people & you forget that you turned the focus to manual
gone so soon?

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