Thursday, June 27, 2013

0 possibly the silliest post ever

so . . . working from home does strange things to me. i do have a lot of things to do don't get me wrong {drafting, reading, training, cleaning, etc.} but i get easily distracted & spend a lot of time trying to entertain myself. which sometimes consists of hours of looking at street style pictures, or tasty recipes, or it could be that i spend an embarrassing amount of time doing my hair. these pictures are from a couple of those instances. i was trying the whole "beachy wave" thing, once with a curling iron & once with a flat iron - the flat iron totally wins {the pictures below will support me here}. anyway, so that's what's been happening lately. i do have more work to do so i guess i'll get to that. i'll post some pics of the art festival soon, last year was a blast & this year was no different. it's such a fun event & something that i look forward to every year. on a side note look at how much my hair has grown in a year! i'm shooting for mermaid, boob-length hair - so the difference in length is highly encouraging! 

p.s. i am in LOVE with my new hair color! it's amazing the difference between an actual salon & a hair school - who knew? {ivan will say the same thing but he'll be talking about price points - although to his credit he does love the hair color enough to be okay with it - i think}.
p.p.s. i learned my lesson after the first pics with the vacuum cleaner & old computer in the background & moved into the sun room {better light anyway}.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

0 a little list

the past few years have really been an amazing & transformative experience for me & in more ways than i can really describe in a little blog post. one of those experiences has been getting into yoga & running {the latter took more than a little push, let me tell you - lucky for me i'm very persistent & tend to beat a thing to death - in this case my legs - but they thanked me later}. i know you've probably heard people go on & on & on about yoga & running - separately or perhaps {if you know me} in the same breath & wondered what all the fuss was about. well, there's a reason for this gushing. if this comes off as preachy or overly sentimental forgive me - i just couldn't help but share this list of some of the life lessons that have come to me from practicing yoga & running. enjoy!

1. you will never get stronger if you stay comfortable - being able to push yourself past your comfort zone is where growth begins.
2. you are stronger than you think - you will find that you are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for; so go ahead & push yourself a little further & you'll be surprised at what you will accomplish.
3. you are wiser than you think - your body & experience will tell you what you need -listen to it - really trusting yourself will help you differentiate between fear & wisdom.
4. peace comes from within - the world around you, even you yourself will always  change. if you rely on outside circumstances for happiness you will always wind up disappointed. you are perfect just the way you are {with all  those wonderful & terrible qualities}. it's a difficult lesson & one that i'm still working on, but getting there is a great journey.
5. celebrate your accomplishments - no matter how small, doing something you thought was impossible or doing something just a little bit better than last time is worth celebrating & will motivate you to push forward.
6. constantly set goals for yourself - growth comes from moving forward, small & big goals help to guide & motivate you.
7. hold yourself accountable - take accountability for your life, your decisions & your actions. it's your life & you're in charge.
8. be in the moment - some of the best moments come from letting go of everything,  really feeling your body, noticing & enjoying the world around you.
9. run your own race - nobody else's pace should set yours. you know better than anyone what kind of a life you want - let your goals & your dreams {not anyone else's} set the course for you life.
10. you are enough - life can be overwhelming {at least i tend to overwhelm myself} & it's nice to sit back, breathe & realize that no matter what is required of you; whatever you give {if you give it your all} will be enough.

happy monday!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

0 so what do you do in utah?

well . . . you could go hiking . . .

the scenery is spectacular {but of course we've covered that already} . . . or you could go to a festival!

. . . or a parade . . .

. . . pride parades are the best, but there are others {less colorful perhaps, but still fun}. eating on main street is also spectacular . . .
. . .especially outside! have i mentioned that utah summer nights are the best? {because if i haven't i should}. the utah farmer's market is also splendid! so many vendors, food, people & fun! 

 are these kids adorable or what?!

although don't get there too late or all the goat cheese will be gone! {heaven knows you don't want that!} plus the heat will get to you & the next thing you know you'll be spending way too much money on a cheap bottle of water. of course, you could always grab a cappuccino {you knew coffee had to come into the post sometime}.
parks are fun too - especially when they exhibit water features!

speaking of water you could always go boating in some shallow water . . .

. . . and while utah lake may not compare with the atlantic or pacific ocean or even most other lakes for that matter, don't worry - it's so cloudy you won't even notice how shallow it is!
if all else fails you can blind everyone with your incredible pastiness as you attempt to look cool . . .

 "i'm on a boat!"

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