Thursday, June 13, 2013

0 birthday breakfast

i can't believe it's ivan's birthday! he's 33 today - time goes by all too quickly - but that's a discussion for another day. i have big plans for today! BIG plans. part of those included the breakfast i made this morning. if you know me at all you know i love to cook & i love to bake even more; so when i came across this recipe for a greek yogurt soufflé of course i knew i had to try it. then as i lay in bed planning out how early i was going to have to wake up & replaying in my head what i had to do {this happens almost every night, special occasion or not, & is most likely the reason i have a hard time falling asleep}. the determined hour was 6:30 {in actuality i got up at 6:40 - not too far off right?} & i decided to add crêpes to the meal plan - this was daunting as ivan considers himself the "king of crêpes." even though the crêpes turned out to be more like thinnish pancakes he still claimed he loved them & i was happy. the blackberry-cassis sauce is amazing {it's also the reason i became acquainted with crème de cassis - i will forever be grateful} & i'm excited to use it tonight again with the lava cakes. are those enough dessert recipes & french "e's" for one post? anyway, i'm excited for dinner & when my new branch manager of a husband returns - especially when he sees what i got him for his birthday! yes! {p.s. it's only r-rated}. chestit rozden den moy leobuff! happy thursday to everyone else. now i have to go run off this breakfast before it gets too hot outside!

. . . and then there was none.

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