Tuesday, May 28, 2013

0 finding snow in may

over the weekend we did quite a bit, part of that had to do with the fact that it was a long weekend and part of that had to do with some family coming to town   & a baby shower & a bbq & a dinner & games & yeah . . . we decided that for our extra weekend day we would go for a hike up in the mountains. the goal was to reach solitude lake, but since the trails were covered in snow we sort of missed the lake, but we did find water! it was a little chilly but so beautiful! in fact the whole experience was so great we decided that it needed to be a weekly event, nothing like a little nature to rejuvenate you & get you ready for the week! the baby shower meant that i got to bake which meant that got to have a cupcake for breakfast. i accidentally bought too many strawberries & ivan came up with the ingenious idea to make some chocolate covered strawberries {accompanied with wine of course}. oh! oh! this week is the first week of my official training for my second half marathon! i'm really excited about it - so excited in fact that i even went running in the rain - which was pretty great! i felt so bad ass! i mean the rain beating on my face & the music blaring in my ears & the legs that just kept going {i think i need to get a gray jumpsuit}.

we're always game for zombie games!

the snow was really, really deep in some places - shorts may not have been "proper attire" for this particular hike

                                                                                                                     sometimes i let hiking get to my head

these were so good that i kept eating them even after my stomach started yelling at me - "what was that stomach? you're full? i couldn't give a rat's ass! more chocolate covered strawberries please!"
dessert for breakfast + eggs = heaven
because the drowned rat look is so hot right now
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

0 life in the coral

so this morning was bad, then good, then frustrating, and finally relaxing/recuperative - the hours between 7 & 11 am have been a little schizophrenic - from cursing endlessly at my flailing computer to an empty location {owing to the fact that i apparently cannot read emails - hence the later frustration upon rereading said email} to a beautiful walk and a happy realization that i had $7 & "anna karenina" in my bag {cue cappuccino & reading outside at cucina} to buying eggs at the grocery store after a leisurely walk through the avenues {every time i think i couldn't fall any more in love with the avenues i fall head over heels again} to sending a hiddenly frustrated email & receiving a "reread the last email i sent you" {self-anger ensues} to watching "the september issue" for the hundredth time in my comfiest pants while composing the longest sentence in blogging history {taking a cue from jane austen}. whew! so if you survived that i commend you! i wanted to give a shout out to {one of} my new favorite colors - coral! {well now, that was the most completely unrelated transition i could've possibly come up with wasn't it?} i splurged a little on some coral polish &  lip gloss & some adorable {& surprisingly comfortable} wedges. it's a great accent color that's a little unexpected & fun. it's not red, it's not pink, it's not even orange - it's coral & hidden within the coral is where the life is. 


f21 tank: similar; thrifted skirt: similar, coral wedges, f21 belt: similar, handmade earrings: similar

oh! oh! my new coffee maker came! i was so excited! i still am a little giddy every time i use it - now all i need is an espresso machine & a cappuccino maker - or a coffee shop in my kitchen - either way.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

0 up against a wall

would it be wrong of me to say that i'm more in love with this brick than my outfit? granted i am studying to be an architect so it's probably a good thing, but sometimes i wonder just how much i should love turn-of-the-century industrial brick? because i really, really love it {steel fire escapes too}! there's something about it that is just completely romantic to me, the texture, the grittiness, the colors, the fact that you can see how it was made, constructed & aged. stop me, i'm rambling i know. in other exciting news my new coffee maker {since the last one suffered a sudden & unexplained death} is out for delivery today! yay! no more making coffee on the stove top - because you & i both know that not having coffee was not an option. i hope that your tuesday is going well & that it's as beautiful where you are as it is here. god, i just love the avenues - especially in the summer. l-o-v-e, it's practically a nat king cole song over here.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

0 my little sister just ran a half marathon

go squishy! she was awesome! we got a little lost & got there 10 minutes later than expected so, i kind of didn't have the camera ready when she came sprinting across the finish line - disappointed doesn't quite cover how i felt. but man, she is fast! she ran it in 1:41 & that's taking 3 bathroom breaks.  we then ventured to the park cafe & had a most delicious breakfast. sarah tricked ivan into switching her seats so he ended up eating breakfast with my sunglasses on - the sexiness can't fully be captured in pictures but i tried. afterwards ivan just wanted to take a nap but i wanted to shop & ohmygod!ifoundthemostadorablecontactcaseknowntohumankind! i mean really, look at it! it's so cute i literally freak out every time i see it! although it is a little creepy when I take off the eyes to use it {c'est la vie} even though ivan napped for what seemed like an eternity he did manage to wake up long enough to make us some lamb & brussels sprouts - oh my yum!  we watched "the hobbit" & unfortunately even the vast amount of wine we drank could not save that movie from itself & its horrendous addiction to overly-done cgi - i'm scared to think of how we would have felt about the movie sober! enough movie reviews though - happy mother's day to you all! i hope you made your mothers' {& grandmothers' for that matter} day a little brighter. i will see you all later! monday comes too soon.

you're my hero!

sarah with the kids she helped train for the race.
oh baby!

we're sexy & we know it!

seriously people! i'm so unbelievably ecstatic about this find, it probably isn't healthy.
because what is a blog post without a picture of some deliciousness?
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