Tuesday, May 8, 2012

0 oven roasted tomatoes with caramelized green onions

this is another favorite that came about by accident. we eat this often and it never gets old! another great thing is you can use those tomatoes that are one their way out {just remember to cut off the bad spots}.

olive oil
coarse salt
ground pepper
green onions

cut the tomatoes in half, place in pan, drizzle olive over them. sprinkle with thyme, coarse salt and ground pepper. roll them around to cover completely {leave cut side up}. place them in a 400° oven and let them bake about 45 minutes.

as for the caramelized green onions {which really adds a lot to this dish}, chop up the green onions, i used one bunch. place butter {i used a half a stick} in a small pot and melt, let it brown {it will bubble} and then add the green onions. cover and stir occasionally, you may want to take the lid off at the end depending on your butter to green onion ratio. let them cook until they look slightly brown {see above}. the genius of these is that they taste fantastic when slightly burned. 

pull the tomatoes out of the oven and sprinkle the caramelized onions on top, voilá you have a tasty side dish.

see the finished product! 
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