Sunday, May 6, 2012

0 being colorful

 . . . then ivan struck a pose {he's sexier than i am}.

so yesterday was pretty eventful, ivan & i went on a run together through the avenues {memory grove was gorgeous}. i was only a little sad that it had been so long since i'd run, finals were super crazy. then we went to our nephew's first birthday party bbq {super yummy!} and then to see "pegando fogo," where one of our friends was performing {the hot one in red}. it was so much fun! then after all that fun we had to go clean up my stuff at school before they threw it away . . . whew! it was a long, fun day. did i mention i wore a really cute outfit? well i did, i love bright colors and the whole "color-blocking" phenomenon means i can wear a lot of them at once, yay! as for today i just returned from yoga with my sister at lululemon {so much fun!} . . . and now for some work.
i have a fetish for anything covered in ivy {even a parking garage}

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