Monday, May 14, 2012

2 sunday coffee run

similar shirt, 3-form bracelet, skinny jeanssimilar wedges, covergirl lipstick: spellbound.

i may have mentioned this before, but i'm a bit of a coffee addict, so when i discovered sunday night that we were out, the thought of facing monday morning without coffee was too much for me, so we headed to our neighborhood smith's to grab a bag {how's that for a run-on sentence?} in other exciting news i got my hair done and it looks marvelous! I LOVE red hair, i think it works with my "death becomes you" paleness quite nicely. speaking of pale, i love that it's "in" now. all throughout high school i dreamt of this day and now that it's here all i can say is "pass me the sunscreen!" 
on another note my new wedge sandals are adorable! i can't wait to take them all over the streets of sofia, prague and dresden these upcoming weeks! i can't believe how soon we'll be in europe! eek! i'm so excited! just a few more days to go. hopefully i'll have time to post a few pics while we're over there. i can't decide if i'm more excited for the architecture, people or food {why should i decide?} now what would a post of mine be without food so here you go . . .

ivan's brilliant black bean burgers

delicious dessert: plain greek yogurt, lemon peel, fresh blackberries & strawberries, chopped walnuts, sprinkle of sugar and a dollup of freshly whipped cream. yum!

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Jo(ke) said...

Love your wedge sandals. I just discovered your blog. So cool. I'm about to get married in 52 days to a South African, I'm a Belgian. So just like you we have different nationalities. It's kinda cool, isn't it? Have fun on your trip to Europe. I've been to Prague twice and loved it! :)

Iordanov's said...

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Blending two cultures is always fun! Especially when it comes to cooking ;). I'm glad you like my blog. I know I'll have a blast in Europe.