Sunday, May 27, 2012

3 an affair to remember

they put corn on their pizza here

i couldn't get over this

probably the best ice cream i've ever had


this man has the sexiest profile ever!

prague was unbelievably beautiful! i hope i didn't bore you with too many pictures {it was so hard to chose!}. the city was fantastic, the company and food even better. so many churches, so much architecture, so much beer! yes, there was a lot of beer. normally i prefer wine, but how can you go to prague and not have beer? anyway, the weather was gorgeous and we walked like crazy, up hills, climbed towers, visited churches {including the sedlac ossuary}, castles, rivers and famous buildings. we ate well and drank better. prague we will be returning, the love affair has not ended.

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Alaide said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had an awesome time! I'm glad that you got to go!!! Yeah the corn on pizza thing was crazy to me but it's good! Well I thought so:)

Iordanov's said...

It was good, not good enough for me to bust out the canned corn when I make pizza, but definitely worth eating.

Antionette Waith said...

wow! what amazing photos and amazing places! looks like you guys had an absolute blast over there! I love corn on pizza! YUMMY!!!