Sunday, July 28, 2013

0 it's been a while

{bonus points if you heard britney spears' voice in your head as you read that title}. ahem . . . as i may have mentioned i started a new full-time job & am still keeping up struggling to catch up with the part time work i do freelance. it's been crazy to say the least. good thing i have an amazing husband who does extra dishes/cooking shifts so that we can still eat. yes, eating is important. a lot has happened in the past two weeks! we went up to mantua for some family fun time & ran a little 5 mile race & watched fireworks. {i also accidentally turned the fridge off before we went - yeah it wasn't pretty}. the trip however was pretty great. i love to spend time with family - especially ivan's brother isaiah who stopped by from ireland on his way to texas for grad school! oh! oh! a niece was born! little eleanor anne neve. my cousin also had her little boy, titus jefferson hayes. so lots of additions have been made including my skorts! which came {too big} went back & came again {in the right size - yay!}. we also went to what was probably the most fun wedding we've ever been to last night. congratulations amanda & scot! in other news, i have more work to do! yes, nothing like drafting on a sunday night . . . oh yeah, it's nothing but fun in the iordanov house tonight!
pretty sure the fedex driver used my box as a cushion
it's so beautiful! . . . but too big
i haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the pair that fit, but that will be happening soon! as will purchasing these tasty delights again! they're like healthy {& green} cheetos!

speaking of deliciousness - we've been addicted to baked brie lately - i could go for some right now actually
i'm so dedicated to my work i do it via candlelight when the power goes out
hello eleanor!
this girl is beyond adorable! above is one of her many friendly creations - eraser man! {he broke his arm - bonus - the cast also works as a pirate peg-leg}
now for the onslaught of firework pictures - i tried to be selective buuuuuut . . . 

now for the wedding pictures! it really was a beautiful event & we felt priviledged to share such a happy event with amanda & scot - it brought back a lot of memories of our own wedding almost 4 years ago.
doesn't he look sharp in that suit? i hardly ever use the word "sharp" to describe a man but i just couldn't stop using it with ivan last night - apparently the habit has hungover.

two of my favorite girls right here!

it's us!

time for cake & dancing!

congratulations again! we sure love you both!
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

0 watch your feet

so this weekend started out pretty good - a 7 mile run in which i kept up with ivan {& kicked virginia street's ass! - last time it gave mine a good whoopin' so it was payback time!} then ivan admitted his addiction to yoga {i was so elated to hear him talking about how he was going to have to compromise on some of his soccer playing - if you knew ivan you would understand how huge hearing him say that was}. i also had a chance to sit & enjoy the summer storms. i absolutely love listening to the thunder & rain & feeling the humidity {i do live in a desert after all} plus it cooled things down a bit {again, living in a desert}. i also bought 2 giant basil plants so that i now grow more basil than any two people could ever possibly use. then things turned a little sour - it all started with paper towels. i had of course used a chair to put the paper towels up there, but for some reason i decided that jumping {with my michael jordan-like skills} would be much easier. i am currently should be not really working on a project that involves cutting wine bottles. some of these cut wine bottles happened to be sitting directly under the paper towels - i don't think i need to say much more. ivan was my hero & rushed to the grocery store & bandaged up my foot, after which he took over dinner & insisted that i relax & play some "plants vs. zombies". i am still managing to keep my track record of no stitches though, so i'm okay with it. i have had to cancel some runs {which makes ivan running right now even more painful} due to the fact that one of the slices is on the ball of my foot. so right now i'm letting my foot heal, wearing flats & anxiously waiting for this to arrive! this purchase is a special treat for me - not only do i not normally spend this much on any one article of clothing but i have been stalking it forever, i mean it's ubiquitous on fashion blogs {you can see it here, here, here, here, here & here just to give a few examples}. in other news i have started a new drafting job - this is in addition {of course} to my freelance drafting. hopefully hours on end of staring at a 27" computer screen at work will motivate me to do a lot more than just stare for hours on end at a lap top screen - we'll see how well that goes . . . well, until tomorrow when my skorts arrive! happy hump day!

the culprit & the evidence
eek! i'm seriously sooooo excited! 
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Friday, July 5, 2013

0 happy fourth of july

well i hope you had a happy fourth of july. ours was pretty great. a little bbq up in the canyon, card games, sparkler fun & french wine {we felt it would be patriotic considering their assistance in the revolutionary war - or it could have just been that all the liquor stores are closed on holidays & that's what we had in stock - either way}. ivan spent the day doing what he loves best - mostly nothing & i got to do a little shopping {i procured a heavenly oversized dress shirt which has the amazing ability of being insanely comfortable & incredibly sexy at the same time - i will do an outfit post with it soon!}. i also happen to have made the most adorable holiday fruit salad, the intent was to do something a little more intricate, however as time started to vanish i let go of my expectations & turned it into something quicker & still delicious - yay me! so enough self-celebration for one day, i hope that your friday is going well & that your weekend is full of delights! i will see you all soon.

 aw young love
 sarah wishing that lincoln would feed her

 travis pretending he didn't love my kale chips - just admit it, you know you liked them!
 cottonwood seeds glowing in the sky
 lincoln giving us a little sparkler song & dance
 a little game of kent coupe

 our hearts were less successful than the love

 happy independence day!!!

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