Friday, July 5, 2013

0 happy fourth of july

well i hope you had a happy fourth of july. ours was pretty great. a little bbq up in the canyon, card games, sparkler fun & french wine {we felt it would be patriotic considering their assistance in the revolutionary war - or it could have just been that all the liquor stores are closed on holidays & that's what we had in stock - either way}. ivan spent the day doing what he loves best - mostly nothing & i got to do a little shopping {i procured a heavenly oversized dress shirt which has the amazing ability of being insanely comfortable & incredibly sexy at the same time - i will do an outfit post with it soon!}. i also happen to have made the most adorable holiday fruit salad, the intent was to do something a little more intricate, however as time started to vanish i let go of my expectations & turned it into something quicker & still delicious - yay me! so enough self-celebration for one day, i hope that your friday is going well & that your weekend is full of delights! i will see you all soon.

 aw young love
 sarah wishing that lincoln would feed her

 travis pretending he didn't love my kale chips - just admit it, you know you liked them!
 cottonwood seeds glowing in the sky
 lincoln giving us a little sparkler song & dance
 a little game of kent coupe

 our hearts were less successful than the love

 happy independence day!!!

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