Friday, August 31, 2012

0 sur le week-end

so this weekend will be busy! work, school, final training for the half marathon i'll be running next weekend, school, work, possible trip to idaho, did i mention work & school? next week will be crazy too with a school trip to seattle {sponsored by a prefabrication business}. i'm only slightly nervous about "arriving" {we all know how accurate those times are} at 9pm & then running my first half marathon the very next morning {with the race starting at 6am}! it should be fun, i'll be so hyped up on adrenaline! which is kind of normal for me, i'm constantly apologizing to ivan when i'm rude or snippy saying things like "i'm just a little stressed out right now with {insert excuse here}." to which he responds "you're always stressed out about something." touché.

on a happier note ivan gifted himself a new watch! he sold his car {that has been sitting unused in the parking lot for months} in 2 days & he wanted to replace one luxury with another. i was cool with that, the watch is a lot less expensive to maintain. we're also becoming salad connossieurs! below you will see the crisp goat cheese & grilled shrimp with avocado aioli salads. sooooo good! i used to think salads were boring; what did i know?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

0 "so now you got a little taste of what i do . . .

. . . it's pretty dang exciting, huh?"

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

0 on being chinless

vintage earrings, similar top, similar watch, skinny jeans, similar sandals
there are some wonderful things that i have inherited from my parents: a relatively high level of intelligence, ambition, good skin, boobs {very big plus}, a good waist line & a somewhat witty sense of humor. however, like all family inheritances it's not all good. most of it i don't mind. i've learned regimes for the acne my father gave me, as well as getting used to contacts for my poor vision & the 7 year braces/retainer biathlon is thankfully over. there is one thing that i've never been able to reconcile myself with & that is my chin, or my lack of chin rather, and while it's gotten better with weight loss {there are some pictures that show my face melding into my neck with no differentiation at all} it's still the bane of my appearance. there's a whole whopping 2 inches from the edge of my chin to my trachea {it's been measured folks & this is no exaggeration}; i have the inverted jawline of angelina jolie. so while you may think it weird when i compliment you on your beautiful jawline, just know that it is because i am deeply, deeply envious. if i could i would probably saw off your jaw & surgically attach it to mine . . . i really would {did that creep you out? i just pulled a "silence of the lambs" on you didn't i?} anyway, let's get back to tuesday, or work day as i call it {one class = a whole  slew of reading, drafting, studying & maybe some dishes . . . maybe}; but first, some coffee!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

0 my own piece of sky

similar necklace, similar watchshirt, similar skirt, similar sandals

first things first, i found the charger! we won't say where {because that's just embarrassing}. school is in its second week, it's monday & i already need another weekend . . . i really do. my phone is drying {still} . . . it may never recover. i did however get to go on a long overdue shopping spree {of sorts}! i had to rush it {since i didn't leave the house until 8:30 & i still had a lot of work to do}, but it was still fun & very productive! with my wardrobe diminishing as it is, it's nice to get a breath of fresh air into it. hooray for air & hooray for an amazing form of eating/exercise which we passed on the way home from grabbing some "fast food" & i have to admit, it looks like a fun way to burn off what you're eating!

these salads are ah-mazing & don't even get me started on the wings. costco, we love you!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

0 nowhere to be found

the charger for my camera battery has officially run away, so i couldn't upload the pictures i had prepared for today. i have searched everywhere it could {& couldn't} be with no success. seeing as i have a bazillion things to do this weekend {school & work have combined to create a horrible monstrosity of a workload} i finally gave up & decided to post this little ditty. i think it was two years ago that there was a special presentation about the spiral jetty & someone took the initiative to write little sentences in regards to it up & down third avenue. we were delighted & meandered up & down taking pictures of each chalk-written line {some are easier to read than others}. i hope that you all are enjoying your weekend & that i get some work done! 

our street!

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