Tuesday, August 28, 2012

0 on being chinless

vintage earrings, similar top, similar watch, skinny jeans, similar sandals
there are some wonderful things that i have inherited from my parents: a relatively high level of intelligence, ambition, good skin, boobs {very big plus}, a good waist line & a somewhat witty sense of humor. however, like all family inheritances it's not all good. most of it i don't mind. i've learned regimes for the acne my father gave me, as well as getting used to contacts for my poor vision & the 7 year braces/retainer biathlon is thankfully over. there is one thing that i've never been able to reconcile myself with & that is my chin, or my lack of chin rather, and while it's gotten better with weight loss {there are some pictures that show my face melding into my neck with no differentiation at all} it's still the bane of my appearance. there's a whole whopping 2 inches from the edge of my chin to my trachea {it's been measured folks & this is no exaggeration}; i have the inverted jawline of angelina jolie. so while you may think it weird when i compliment you on your beautiful jawline, just know that it is because i am deeply, deeply envious. if i could i would probably saw off your jaw & surgically attach it to mine . . . i really would {did that creep you out? i just pulled a "silence of the lambs" on you didn't i?} anyway, let's get back to tuesday, or work day as i call it {one class = a whole  slew of reading, drafting, studying & maybe some dishes . . . maybe}; but first, some coffee!

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