Tuesday, August 21, 2012

0 and then the family came by . . .

oh squishy!

sooooo excited for this! my "w" fall issue as well of course
squishy! she's so cute you'd think she was the model not the photographer ;)
believe it or not we're actually missing people: my sister alicia & her husband sam. yup, we're your typical utah family.

                                                                                                                                                  ivan the rebel

wow that's a lot of photos! my family came for a quick visit & it was pretty great. we took some impromptu pictures, ate some pretty tasty bbq & had lots of laughs. i love my family dearly & am excited whenever i get to see them! i also had some old roommates in town as well so we had a little picnic in the park & caught up on life {these ladies are darling i tell you!}. i also had a somewhat traumatic hair incident that took 6 1/2 hours & two visits to the salon to fix {i really owe my hair something for that}. well, school has schooled & free time {while there still is some} will be progressively diminishing. i hope to keep posting & hopefully making it interesting . . . we shall see. below i would like to share some of my favorite family pictures: goofy faces, ivan's happy puppy face {we couldn't stop laughing at the one on the right}, robert's version of a possessed chipmunk & suzy being caught in a moment of super modeling. enjoy!

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