Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 en la madrugada

i've always loved that word, "madrugada" {which roughly translates to really, really early in the morning}. it sounds like elegant profanity, which would be the way i would describe getting up before 5 to go running. normally if i get up at 4:30 i go to the bathroom look at the clock & think "thank god! i can sleep for a few more hours." not today {or tuesday for that matter}. i went running with my adorable sister sarah {who, along with my brother travis, has joined us in the fitness crusade}. tuesday was great, we ran down big cottonwood canyon for about 6 miles as the sun rose, it was pretty romantic. i was on a high when i came back & even made ivan breakfast! {see picture below} this morning was pretty great too, although the scenery was not quite so picturesque. we did 4 loops around sugarhouse park {since we forgot to see how long the loop was & i wanted to be sure i did at least 4 miles - we did 5.35} & it was great - even though that duck pond is unsanitary to say the least {i swear they haven't cleaned that nastiness in over 20 years, it's probably 68% duck poo by now - you can tell when you walk by & the stench almost knocks you over}. once we got upwind it was fine. so all in all, even though i had to get up at such an ungodly & unashley hour it was definitely a worthwhile experience & one that will happen again. 

p.s. memorable quote of the run "i'm gonna fartlek your ass!" {and she did}

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Sephira said...

haha that pond sounds horrifying :P
the photo made me hungry though :( and I dont have eggs darn it.

iordanovs said...

It looks like you need to run to the grocery store stat! ;) I hate it when I run out of something that I want immediately.