Monday, August 13, 2012

0 my eggs feel lonely without their bacon

those poor lonely eggs, the sage was nice but it's nothing like bacon . . . in other news. i had a pretty fun week & weekend! i got to meet up with a dear friend, carolee {who on top of being a fantastic & lovely person, happens to be a wonderful photographer} at gourmandise where i had a delicious salad! oh soft goat cheese, you may just be the next best thing to paradise. oh! my brother alex came to visit, so we've been having fun with him {we're about to wander city creek & main street}. we went to the blue iguana where travis had the grande burrito which was indeed, muy muy grande! he did finish it all {we may or may not have helped him} & so he got fried ice cream {we definitely helped him with that}.  then last night we went up millcreek canyon & bbq-ed! travis made sure we had the thin-as-tissue paper plates so that you got chunks of the plate with your steak, oh nostalgia! & now for the pictures of said events:

never mind how gross i look, i was just so ecstatic that i got to meet up with this lovely lady & her adorable boy!

the reward for his mighty endeavor!
                                                                                                                                                                  in travis's words, "there's a small ethiopian child in there."

                                      roasting marshmallows is serious business for sarah                                              ivan's a little more nonchalant about it


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