Friday, July 13, 2012

0 happy friday the 13th

i'm pretty close to being blind, too bad my glasses weren't this cute when i was growing up

glasses, similar earrings, necklace, similar shirt, skirt, similar braceletsimilar clutch, similar shoes
so i have been a little bored lately, being home by myself does that to me. so it was really awesome to go hang with some awesome friends {camilla & sarah}! we went camping up at jordanelle & went jet skiing {mine & sarah's first time}. camilla's a bit of a daredevil & i'm pretty sure that during most of her driving i was saying "oh my god!" over & over & over & . . . yeah. it was slightly terrifying, & i'm pretty sure camilla ran over a duck {there was a "thump" people, a heavy "thump"}. i started to have fun once i stopped worrying about falling off & having my arms & legs cut off by the jet ski {irrational yes, but this is from someone who still gets paranoid about sea monsters when she swims in a lake}. towards the end i did get my brave on & took on some waves {which was freaking awesome}! then sarah took the wheel & we really went high {i was sure i was going to be thrown off}. oh it was epic! these girls are great & i loooooove hanging out with them, even if i end up with half a deck of cards in my hand when we play "uno." next time we'll let ivan come.

                          how awesome are these "spam" magnets i found at target?                         my first attempt at a pinterest recipe, pretty fantastic.

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