Friday, November 23, 2012

5 post-thanksgiving post

so yesterday was a little crazy - pies take so much longer than they should & then there were the yams & a "too long" drive & yeah . . . but today, today is the day after. it's been great really, no stress, just leftover goodness {we have already discussed the greatness of leftovers here}. i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving & are enjoying yourselves on this black friday {why is it called "black friday" anyway?}. i hope that you have leftovers & comfy clothes {i must show you my ridiculously long yoga pants someday - i call them my pants with socks} & some good bad tv today - because it's the perfect day for that. enjoy!

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his little lady said...

Comfy clothes and left overs are the best! And the pie looks delicious!!!
xo TJ

iordanovs said...

Thanks, it really was I made 4 total & am pretty sure I ate an entire one by myself. :P

Ragan said...

Wow! that looks so delcious! i just found your blog and i love it! making me hungry :)

Jill Turner said...

Yum..can't wait until Christmas eating commences... :)

Xo Jill

iordanovs said...

thank you so much! yes the christmas feasting will be epic - i love holiday baking!