Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 going AWOL

autumn around here has been pretty gorgeous & although it feels wrong to brag about the weather {what with sandy & all} it's been almost perfect - well weatherwise. in other matters it's been a little crazy, okay that's a lie, it's been a lot crazy. an insane cocktail of work, schoolwork, illness & very little sleep have made me slightly zombiesque {very fitting for the time of year}. i have this really great habit of overloading myself & then being filled with an overwhelming lack of motivation to get anything done. so hopefully things will calm down & return to some sense of normalcy. although it is kind of fun to be working & listening to your brother & sister scream while they watch a vampire movie with your husband {if one was to sit next to them during a scary movie bruises usually follow - it's much safer to be farther away - død snø proved that}. happy halloween right?

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dhivya prabha said...

Oh my goodness, SO much beautiful inspiration modern home decorating here!