Thursday, November 8, 2012

0 and now for something completely familiar

okay, now it's back to food! yay! i mean everyone loves food right? sometimes i think some people don't though {how else can mcdonald's & meals in a box exist} but enough of that. for those of you who've missed the pictures of delicious dishes, they're back! prepare yourself for a montage of what we've eaten {& taken pictures of} lately .

this cake was sooooo good & the sauce was even better! plus it was excuse to buy a fancy liqueur {who doesn't love that?}.

ah yes, it is that "everything pumpkin flavored" time of year
the hollandaise sauce took two tries & i was super nervous about poaching eggs but it worked the first time! so i guess it evened out - plus they were fantastic so it was definitely a win overall.

thanks for sticking around, this week was crazy {of course} with an extra crazy piled on top when my external hard drive was dropped {not the first time} & broke. this incident caused hours of frustration & possibly some tears but all is well now {thanks for asking}. hope you have a wonderful friday tomorrow! i get excited for the weekend momentarily & then realize that all my weekends are consumed with work & school. that's when i tell my self "this will all be worth it. this will all be worth it. this will all be . . . 

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