Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 you're not going to make it

ivan is the only one who knows what we're in for, you can tell sarah & i have no idea

as ivan pointed out "not everybody makes it to the top"

this girl is a rockstar! she ran 5 miles before the hike & still killed it
i had the best view going up

the view
these feet did a lot of work

kiss the rock!
                                                         taking a break                                                                                                           trying to find reception

on saturday we hiked mt. olympus which, among other things, offers one of the most spectacular views of the salt lake valley. you can see everything! it's pretty amazing, & pretty strenuous {as per the internet & my legs - which are still sore}. it took us all day {10:30 am - 5:30 pm}, but was so worth the effort. ivan had been telling me for days that i wouldn't make it, that i would want to quit, etc. this never happened. in fact i had a much easier time than he did, boo-yah! the last bit of bouldering was the best! oh how i love to climb! the one downfall was that although i reapplied sunscreen to my shoulders & legs i forgot my back {which is now badly sunburned -  i will now have the darkest tan line in the shape of my sports bra}. sarah & i had lots of fun chatting about everything under the sun as we roasted under the sun {next time we are leaving much earlier} while ivan lead us up & back down. although i started to get fancy on the way down & starting doing the pigeon pose {i.e. sliding & falling down on my legs in the most obnoxious way possible}. usually i'm very talented at almost falling, but now i was taking it up a notch. afterwards we ran to dan's & headed straight for the drinking fountains {because despite the fact that i had carried 2.5 liters of water, ivan had 3 water bottles & 1 large limeade, & sarah had 1 liter of water & 1 large gatorade - we ran out of liquids with about an hour left of hiking in the blazing sun}. after we made it home i made us a "recovery" shake &  we sat on the couch for several hours before i ran to grab some mexican. oh yeah, we know how to do the weekend right.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

0 you can't stockpile sleep

this man . . . oh this man! i love him so!

but i'll be damned if i won't try to. i keep telling myself i only have a short time to sleep in & perhaps if i take full advantage of this time then when the non-sleeping days {& weeks} come it won't hit so hard . . . yeah, i don't think that will work. in other news we went to the little pre-park of memory grove & it was heavenly! all the trees, the stream, the coolness of the shade! ivan had a free meal at café rio so we shared a salad & then proceeded to lay on a blanket & read our chosen novels {although not before ivan had played in the stream - he loves to get his feet wet}. later we watched "carnage" with travis - that movie is hilarious, if you haven't seen it do it now! {but only if you enjoy the subtleties of great dialogue}. in other news i can now do a ponytail! {ivan says it doesn't count - but just because i have to bobby pin a lot of the hair back doesn't disqualify it}.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

0 mon rêve

similar pullover, skinny jeans, similar earrings, similar shoes  
so here in utah tuesday was a holiday, pioneer day, and while we skipped the parades we decided to treat ourselves to a little lunch. this plan was foiled by the fact that any restaurant that seemed appetizing & healthy & affordable was closed! seriously?! however, every cloud has its silver lining & i ended having the tastiest salad! at squatters no less! {i've never had much luck with tasty, healthy food at breweries}. this salad was amazing people, capital "a" amazing! i was only a little sad that i forgot my camera {this means i need to go again so i can bring back photographic evidence of its deliciousness}. it was the blackened tilapia salad with spinach, quinoa, pico de gallo, queso blanco & cilantro/lime dressing! soooo good! well that's enough about the salad - tonight we are going to do a little picnic in the park & read! since i finally finished "jules et jim" i'm moving on to "the unbearable lightness of being" & ivan will be starting "the dud avocado" {he heard about it from npr, i heard about it from vogue - who says fashion magazines don't have culture?}. i will read it when he's done. i have less than a month before school starts & i need to get all the reading in i can! i've also had a goal to do ivan's "30 days to a more powerful vocabulary" . . . so that may leech into the school year. tomorrow is friday people, & i'm mentally preparing myself for my first hike up mt. olympus {apparently it's killer - just like this dinner}.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 ivan's eyes vs. the flash

the flash wins . . . every time. once {when i first introduced ivan to my parents - gasp} my dad tried half a dozen times to get a picture of us where ivan's eyes weren't closed & considering that his camera flashes about a dozen times before it even attempts to take a picture - we eventually had to force my father to put the camera down {the people at the restaurant were starting to get annoyed}. oh how i love my ivan! we will have beautiful "squinty/closed during flash" eyed children. 
p.s. these are from a concert we went to a few years back {our first together & my first non-classical}. good times, good times.
p.p.s. i am kind of in love with the colored swooshes of light in the pictures.
p.p.p.s. happy hump day!

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