Friday, July 6, 2012

0 running is not glamorous

it may make you look glamorous if you do it a lot, but the actual act . . . not so much.   at least not for me, there are those gals that go out in their cute outfits, hair done & manage to look good the whole time . . . not me. for one i look pretty goofy before i start, i'm usually wearing an old baseball cap {i have sensitive eyes & sunglasses just slide off} shorts that come up a little too high to be flattering & if it's a long run, a camelbak that goes around my waist {my waist not my hips - it bounces if it's any lower} this creates the "i'm wearing a fanny pack backwards" look that is ever so attractive. then there's the fact that i don't even go that fast so i look like i'm a 60 year old trapped in a 30 year old body. not to mention the sweating & the look on my face that tells you this is not a natural act for me {pictures of me finishing races look like they could be in a trailer for a horror film or a commercial for an anti-nausea medication}. then there are those lovely instances when you really need to use a restroom, but you're miles from home {it happens more often than i'd like to admit}. i almost trip frequently & when i'm running with ivan he always has to be ahead or i run into him {i've never been able to walk in a straight line & apparently that gift translates into running as well}. 

however, there are some pretty awesome things about running as well. like the feeling you get when you've pushed yourself farther than you thought you ever could & you feel pretty freaking awesome. or when you finish your run & rip off your shirt mia hamm style {if you were wearing one of course}. or when you slap someone's ass that you're positive is your cousin's, then she turns around excitedly & you realize that it isn't & you keep on running {a little faster now}. or allowing your mind to wander without interruptions. it's also good to know that it's good for you & that if you keep it up you'll live a longer, healthier life. but sometimes you just have to count the uphill blocks & know that it will all be worth it.

on a side note, my salt lake siblings started running a little after i did & soon after starting having knee issues. i knew this would not happen to me because i ran slow & did yoga, i was invincible! until i wasn't and my knee started to have the same issues. this is when i started to develop a very intimate relationship with a little guy called the "foam roller." the first time i used it there were a lot of expletives, it's getting better & i'm really glad that i can still run {albeit less than before}. still this little guy ↓  is pretty awesome.

that's right, my winter outfit is just as sexy.                    .

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