Friday, July 20, 2012

0 just a quickie

a few decisions made on my run:

~ i need to wake up earlier
~ i should always bring my camelbak for summer runs
~ i love when people water their lawn when they shouldn't {it gives me a nice break from the heat}
~ i love love love my neighborhood
~ the smells of summer running are fantastic! {lavender, freshly cut grass, baking bread, bbq's, etc}
~ i shouldn't care how silly i look when i run {it's really bad people}

the end.
here's a shot of my sweaty tummy  {i know you're dying to see it}. notice my really high shorts {i need a buffer for my camelbak - as discussed earlier, i wear that bad boy pretty high}. happy friday! i'm going to bake a cake tonight! a glorious chocolate cake with coconut frosting & it will be grand & i will post pictures & you will wish that you had a chocolate cake with coconut frosting too.

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