Friday, July 27, 2012

0 you can't stockpile sleep

this man . . . oh this man! i love him so!

but i'll be damned if i won't try to. i keep telling myself i only have a short time to sleep in & perhaps if i take full advantage of this time then when the non-sleeping days {& weeks} come it won't hit so hard . . . yeah, i don't think that will work. in other news we went to the little pre-park of memory grove & it was heavenly! all the trees, the stream, the coolness of the shade! ivan had a free meal at café rio so we shared a salad & then proceeded to lay on a blanket & read our chosen novels {although not before ivan had played in the stream - he loves to get his feet wet}. later we watched "carnage" with travis - that movie is hilarious, if you haven't seen it do it now! {but only if you enjoy the subtleties of great dialogue}. in other news i can now do a ponytail! {ivan says it doesn't count - but just because i have to bobby pin a lot of the hair back doesn't disqualify it}.

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