Monday, July 23, 2012

0 cake!

 my adorable sister & her "american gangsta" fiance

                                        we celebrated her "legality" with some rakiya                                                                       bacon . . . yum . . . .

our niece & nephew chasing an escaped shicken
playing cranium with friends . . . & cats

my cake that didn't fall! 

this weekend was pretty great {as per usual}. we got to spend time with family & friends & together {just ivan & i}. i found a brownie camera at a yard sale! soooo excited about that {ivan couldn't quite grasp the awesome gravity of this find}. i'm pretty excited to frame some pages in that dance instruction book. i made my famous chocolate cake with a new coconut frosting {which was divine i tell you}, i then offered to bring the leftovers to a bbq we went to later, after which ivan informed me that he wanted the leftover cake & that i would have to make a new one {which i did}. this morning i told ivan he had to take the leftovers to work {i would not be tempted today}. i finally went to the green ant & fell in love with the classic furniture finds. i almost melted on my run {i really, really need to get up earlier}, but i did make it & was quite proud of myself. the bbq was really great, it was so fun to have intense {really intense} conversations about divisive subjects {you name it we discussed it} - we have really good friends. well, enough rambling for today. i hope that you all enjoy your monday & i will go back to watching "the woodmans." 

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