Thursday, July 5, 2012

0 croquet, bbq & fireworks in the park

ivan plays croquet like he bowls

love this girl!
travis looks serious after his total domination

our 4th was fantastically fun! we played croquet {taking breaks to eat our bbq} & talked for hours. the jalapeño poppers were divine {as always} & having wine made it feel festive {as if fireworks weren't enough}. travis & camilla started to invent new games with the croquet set while ivan & i ate until we couldn't eat anymore, & then we ate some more. it was great to see all the families & people playing, talking, eating & enjoying a beautiful day. the fireworks were a perfect finish to the day {although the 45 minutes it took just to get out of the park were not - but we still had fun waiting in the car - like when we blasted "more than a feeling" & sang to passersby - okay, so it might have just been me singing}. right now it's much cooler & raining, which is a nice break from the heat. i hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!

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