Sunday, July 1, 2012

0 walking can be magic

this weekend has been pretty great so far, we watched a movie at the capitol building, went to the farmers' market, grabbed some coffee, and played settlers while drinking wine & eating salami & cheese {we still need to finish our game, but we did finish off the mozart chocolates}. the wine left us a little drowsy so we took a nap which made it hard to sleep later so we took a walk dowtown on our journey we witnessed some really fun stuff:

- a public piano being played beautifully to a small audience sitting on the sidewalk
- a limousine making a stop at the carl's jr. drive-thru
- a couple drove up to us & asked if they had taken a picture of us kissing {they were   going to send it to us}
- two very oddly dressed girls {seriously one had a clown wig & full-on make up} who tossed confetti over our heads & yelled "happy birthday"
- a slc tour bus, complete with open roof seating {it was empty}

then we sat in a park & talked until after 1 am, it was pretty great.

hope you noticed how my game pieces matched my dress

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