Thursday, July 19, 2012

0 confessions

~ i own more dresses than t-shirts
~ i own more heels than flats
~ i will always fall in love with black heels {even though i already own too many - wait, is that possible?}
~ my hair is naturally curly in the front & naturally flat in the back
~ i watch "spongebob squarepants" on a regular basis {& laugh consistently throughout}
~ i have seen "the september issue"  more than a dozen times & i never tire of it
~ i love earrings but feel weird wearing necklaces {maybe i overdosed on chokers in middle school}
~ i have been reading "jules et jim" for over a year {i am determined to finish it before schools starts}
~ i love to clean & organize {but only when i'm "in the mood"}
~ if i don't pluck i look like frida kahlo
~ i usually wash dishes right before i cook & so the kitchen remains in a constant state of upheaval
~ i have little self control when it comes to desserts {if i take one bite i will eat the whole thing, if i buy ice cream i will eat the whole tub, etc.} 
~ i can literally taste desserts in my mouth just by looking at them {it's a gift & a curse}
~ i get fixated on little things way too easily
~ i talk constantly - when i'm not around people i talk to myself {or inanimate objects}
~ i love to talk about myself {i remind myself that other people like to do it too & maybe i should let them talk . . . sometimes}
~ i'm slightly arrogant & can immediately sense this quality in another individual {it's like we're soul mates, but since our common thread is arrogance neither of us like the competition}

well people, today is thursday & you know what that means! tomorrow is friday & another exciting weekend is upon us. i wish you all a lovely thursday & remember, you are wonderful just the way you are!

the first of ivan's homegrown tomatoes {they were divine}!

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