Thursday, July 26, 2012

0 mon rêve

similar pullover, skinny jeans, similar earrings, similar shoes  
so here in utah tuesday was a holiday, pioneer day, and while we skipped the parades we decided to treat ourselves to a little lunch. this plan was foiled by the fact that any restaurant that seemed appetizing & healthy & affordable was closed! seriously?! however, every cloud has its silver lining & i ended having the tastiest salad! at squatters no less! {i've never had much luck with tasty, healthy food at breweries}. this salad was amazing people, capital "a" amazing! i was only a little sad that i forgot my camera {this means i need to go again so i can bring back photographic evidence of its deliciousness}. it was the blackened tilapia salad with spinach, quinoa, pico de gallo, queso blanco & cilantro/lime dressing! soooo good! well that's enough about the salad - tonight we are going to do a little picnic in the park & read! since i finally finished "jules et jim" i'm moving on to "the unbearable lightness of being" & ivan will be starting "the dud avocado" {he heard about it from npr, i heard about it from vogue - who says fashion magazines don't have culture?}. i will read it when he's done. i have less than a month before school starts & i need to get all the reading in i can! i've also had a goal to do ivan's "30 days to a more powerful vocabulary" . . . so that may leech into the school year. tomorrow is friday people, & i'm mentally preparing myself for my first hike up mt. olympus {apparently it's killer - just like this dinner}.

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