Sunday, July 15, 2012

0 nature girl

he couldn't get into the party

a white bee!

en garde!
                                        this window drawing made my day

my homemade caprese

                                       i'm in love with this lamp! camilla is so creative

the most delicious cake ever

the past couple days were pretty fantastic. we took a walk around our neighborhood & noticed that the bees were busy everywhere! the slight overcast weather & humidity in the air lent a moody, romantic feel to the whole weekend. we watched the original "friday the 13th" movie for our friend sarah's birthday {we discovered much to our delight that the movie "took place" the day ivan was born, june 13, 1980 - a friday}. we ate the most delicious chocolate cake {so freaking amazing}! saturday i was lamenting that i didn't bring my camera to gourmandise for two reasons, one the food is BEAUTIFUL on top of being super delicious but mostly it was the fact that three people came in dressed as two of the three musketeers {don't ask me what happened to the third} & a peasant girl. they even took pictures with some children with their swords blazing! it was amazingly fun. then we hung out with travis {my super cool brother} & had a super tasty dinner & chatted & laughed until the wee hours. life is pretty good.

the moment sarah realized that her candles were getting the better of her {dynamite!}

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