Thursday, December 13, 2012

0 putting up christmas!

it's christmas time officially! i'm one of those people who doesn't allow a single candy cane to show its face until after thanksgiving. holidays are very important to me & i feel strongly that celebrating them too long makes them less special. {this will be a lecture my children will hear many times believe you me}. anyway, seeing as finals were super crazy {no sleep, bad food, so much stress my eye was twitching for weeks, little to no motivation to clean &/or shower, etc.} we decided to wait to put up christmas until finals were OVER! and now that they are . . . . . . . here's christmas!

and this! this is my reading list for the break! i'm so excited! {can you tell? i have exclamation points at the end of every sentence!} during school it seems there are always so many readings that i never get to all of them & i feel guilty reading something not for school, so here's to purely pleasurable reading! 

p.s. i'm pretty excited to watch "anna karenina" after i've read it.
p.p.s. i can't imagine anything better than listening to christmas music, drinking coffee & cuddling with my ivan as we watch the snow fall - this time of year makes me a little sappy.

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