Monday, December 31, 2012

0 all those holiday parties

similar top, skinny jeans, similar bracelet, similar bangles, similar watch, similar shoes
it's crazy to think that another year has gone by. i hope you all enjoy yourselves this new years eve! we just got back from a lovely weekend in mantua {where we played games, ate way too many sweets, chatted, quoted "nacho libre" endlessly, listened to the best of the 80's, ate breakfast at a small-town diner & felt wonderfully grateful for our family}. tonight we're going to a small party with friends {i've always been more of a chill & chat rather than dance & club kind of person}. but the best part is that i get to dress up! i know it sounds silly but a lot of why i look forward to going out is because it means i can listen to dance music for hours as i scour my outfits & come up with some crazy way to do my hair & eyeshadow as well as going through all my lipsticks to find just the right shade {like the burgundy shade below}. i know ivan will never understand this strange fixation on the "getting ready" portion of the evening, but that's okay. i'll never understand why he thinks it's okay to wear miss-matched dress socks. ah the mysteries of the sexes.

in case you aren't in the party mood, this  should help! 

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