Tuesday, January 1, 2013

0 2013? bring it on!

supposedly this will be a lucky year for us, since 13 is ivan's lucky number. i could stand a little luck. it must be said that each year with ivan has gotten better & i look forward to each new one with anticipation. that being said i have yet to formally write down my goals {i like this word better than "resolutions" - which imply that you're correcting bad behavior} for this year, ivan told me his this morning with an obligatory high-five after he announced each one. i am hoping to achieve a few things this year, such as . . .

- get to class on time & get hw done on time {this will be hard}
- find a killer internship for the summer
- lose those last pounds which desperately cling to me
- pay off remaining debt {student loans excluded - those will have to wait}
- run my second half marathon
- keep the house clean {or at least attempt to}
- improve my french & bulgarian
- read some nietzsche 
- get a condo
- hang out with our friends more!

. . . that can serve as my list for now. happy new year everyone! here are some pictures from last night. i hope you had as much fun as we did!

lots of love going out to our friends!

may the new year bring you love, laughter, success & happiness!

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