Thursday, January 31, 2013

0 sometimes i'm jealous of ivan because he gets to sleep

like last night when he gets to lay in a nice warm bed, all cozy & i, i have to stay up drinking coffee, listening to first aid kit & painting . . . of course that isn't so terribly bad. a lot of nights it's drafting {mind-numbing, soul-deadening drafting - but hey! it pays} or loads of homework that just seems to pile up as "anna karenina" stares sadly at me {god, i need to finish!}. this weekend i have to somehow manage to finish up a studio project {major thing} & travel to vernal . . . i have so many other things i want to talk about, like the whole "i'm doing everything wrong & i'm a complete failure at life in general & architecture in specific" moment {only a moment people, i am far too busy to allow those self-indulgent sentiments more than a moment's time} & my BOOTS! those boots deserve a special post {when i have more time . . . tomorrow?}

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