Saturday, January 19, 2013

2 pants!

before this morning i had two {only two people!} pair of pants that fit me. so when i went to h&m & found 3 pairs that were adorable & all together less than $30, so of course i bought them all! {as if i had a choice}. ivan's reaction to the pants . . . well . . . he likes the red ones, he's not sure how he feels about the leather ones & he laughed {audibly, uncontrollably laughed} at my floral ones. but when does a man who wears a t-shirt, boxers & socks with flip-flops get to critique my clothing? that's right, never! {to be fair he only wears said ensemble in the house}.

the fact that they're "designer" pants & were originally $349 {under the reduced $99 price} may have had some influence on my purchasing decision, but let's face it, they're sexy as hell - unlike my dirty mirror, yikes!

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Kelly Westover said...

You look fab! And I love the floral pants. :)

iordanovs said...

You are so sweet. Thanks! I do too.