Thursday, January 3, 2013

0 les derniers jours de vacances

when i realized that today was one of the last few days of my holiday vacation i panicked a little. there were so many things to do! christmas décor to put away, my project {of which i will post when i am done - whenever that happens}, the laundry to iron {that i washed weeks ago - it is embarrassing but i find that if i do not iron, fold & put away the clothes the day i wash them they sit until the next laundry day, sad but true}, the house to clean, another project to do that i hadn't even started yet & of course my portfolio to work on. so what out of all these things did i chose to do? not a damned one, i sat around in my yoga pants, a shirt that is embarrassingly big & has what is probably toothpaste on it {i've never been an elegant toothbrusher} & read. i read more of "anna karenina" {so help me if i don't finish it in the the next week i won't have time} & all of "all you need to be impossibly french" which is fantastic! i immediately vowed to be more chic - for instance wearing a bra & doing my hair even if i wasn't going out & perhaps saying goodbye to my spongebob flannels {how i love them, even if they are incredibly huge & totally unsexy} in favor of something {equally comfortable mind you} but more flattering. it is the perfect read for the beginning of a new year when you still have that "i will be a new person!" mentality. of course i had coffee, because what is a vacation day without coffee? i hope you all are enjoying your thursdays, it seems like such an anticlimactic day, nevertheless i hope it was good for you all. for now i will say bonsoir & maybe get around to a few of those other things i'm meant to do.

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