Sunday, January 6, 2013

0 stationary stores are my favorite kind of stores

i get a little too excited when it comes to stationary -  pens, paper, folders, oh baby!  i love wandering the aisles & taking it all in. maybe it's because i love to organize & write lists, maybe it's a nostalgia for the childhood memories of back to school shopping {apparently my summers weren't very exciting}, either way i love stationary stores & get really particular about my supplies - i swear by my pens like some women do lipsticks & don't even get me started about what happens when i run out of white-out {the rolly kind of course}. anyway, school starts tomorrow & i'm all sorts of nervous & excited, especially since i have a t.a. position {i am so excited for that!}. i am now over halfway through my masters! only 3 semesters left! it's a little crazy to think once i have this degree i'll have 9 1/2 years of college under my belt {we won't talk about the doctorate i want to get} - it's true i'm a university junkie. as a way to celebrate the end of the vacation we drank some special wine {isn't that bottle divine?! the wine was good too of course}, ate baked brie & smoked salmon, had a good friend over for dinner, went to ivan's brother & sister-in-laws & played yahtzee {ivan won both times} while we watched "hot rod," & then we went to indochine today! {how was that for a run-on sentence?}

homemade cotton candy? yes please!

 best facial expression ever!

"and that is how it's done!"
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