Thursday, January 10, 2013

0 feeling like fred astaire

so maybe i'm not quite in fred astaire ecstasy at the moment {the pictures were taken on the way to some heavenly vietnamese food & the anticipation had me on cloud nine}. even though it's the first week of school i already feel like i'm falling behind. i've been late to class 3 times {first goal of the year missed} & the workload seems a little overwhelming. maybe it's just the weather, this damn inversion is just depressing & i can never seem to motivate myself when i haven't seen the sun for a few days. although it probably didn't help that i took on a last minute job that kept me up until 2 am when i had to get up at 6. but enough moaning, life is actually pretty really great right now. it really is. ivan & i are in a good place in every way & i want to enjoy that {i just have to not let the other things get in the way}. oh! speaking of lovely feelings i'm adoring my new hairstyle {it looks a little frizzy i know - thank you hat & scarf} but i'm excited that it's growing {boob length is the goal} & i love being a redhead. life is much more exciting when you add some color!

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