Tuesday, January 8, 2013

0 to grandmother's house we went

just so you know my grandparents are the best! they really are. my sister & i lived with them for a summer during college & we got pretty close. they've lived in the same house for about 15 years & for someone who moved every 2 years {sometimes cross country & sometimes out of the country} this stability has been important to me. the house holds a lot of memories & being with my grandparents always makes me incredibly happy {they have the loving banter down pat}. sadly i don't see them as often as i should. they don't live too far away {a 45 minute drive}, but it's just far enough that you have to plan the trip. so when school & work pile up it just doesn't happen. that's why the breaks are nice. we went down & chatted for a few hours. i especially love watching my grandfather & ivan interact. they discuss politics, history, cars . . . all that guy stuff. they get along so well, it's crazy. my grandfather is always saying "you know, i always liked ivan. right from the beginning i could tell he was good." i beam with pride & think "me too."

p.s. how crazy is this random stonehenge imitation? i had to do a double take!

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