Thursday, February 7, 2013

0 in the land of snow & dinosaurs

so of course life has been crazy & that's why i've been slightly absent on the interwebs. but i got to see my family last weekend! yay! {you now know that an onslaught of pictures will inevitably follow}. we went to a baby blessing in vernal, i.e. bfe with dinosaurs. i have to admit it was fun to see the t-rex dressed up as cupid & the giant pink dinosaur with even more giant eyelashes {just a little bit of jealousy over those}. it was great to see some of the family & of course the new little one with his electric hair {you couldn't help but run your fingers through it}. my brother alex treated everyone to potato dumpling soup {he's becoming quite the chef that one} & then we went home - how i love my family & wish that i got to see them more often - it's a whole lotta crazy when we all get together! i love it!


aw my dad & his camera
you know you want to touch his hair!
why hello chris!
it's strange to think of my dad as a grandpa {especially since i'm not even a parent yet}, but here he is with his granddaughter audrie

i love how chris keeps "popping out" everywhere!
travis was so excited to have carter hold his hand!

soup time with jonathan & matthew

the happy parents
thanks for taking the picture ivan, i can't wait to see everyone again!

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