Monday, February 25, 2013

0 never mind my hair, look at that blizzard!

so my hair is now red. i mean, really, really red! i would have liked it a little more yellow {this always seems to happen}. it's bright & fun though, the perfect color for this dull winter that never seems to end, ugh. this weekend was fun though! ivan & i went out to dinner with some of my studio companions & then all the girly cousins & aunts got together {which is always fun!}. getting to the restaurant was not as fun, the snow was really coming down & the roads were so slick there were moments of 10 mph action on the freeway & lots of accidents. however, everyone got there & back safe & sound & only a little worse for the wear. anyway, i hope you all had good weekends & are ready to start the new one! also, i hope that my eyes stop with their allergy ridiculousness so that i can wear my contacts again. these are my beginning of the week wishes {this is a real thing right?}.

don't worry that the waiter couldn't seem to figure out how to focus the camera, maybe i should have tipped him less

happy birthday jenny! the fish hat is a great look on you!

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