Thursday, February 21, 2013

0 a tale of two boots

f21 sweater, similar shorts, riding boots, shoemint booties

i love my "lumberjack" sweater. the combination of red, navy & black is gorgeous. as was this day! i'm wearing shorts & i was only a little bit cold. whenever february hits i'm just so ready for winter to be over. i long for spring, sun, warmth some signs of life emerging from the frozen ground. on a rather unrelated note, i have this thing for industrial brick buildings, it's a strange sort of fetish & one i've never been able to fully explain but there it is all the same. anyway, i had a chance to visit one for a project at school & figured why not shoot some pictures here while i was at it. i had the riding boots for convenience sake {god knows the black booties are beautiful - but the last thing i want to be doing in them is trudging through snow & all manner of grossness to take site pictures} & ended up liking them with the outfit as well - although as you can tell, as soon as i put the booties on the sexiness came out! seriously, it's a contagious feeling & it comes as soon as you zip those booties up!

                                                          isn't the dilapidated signage great?
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