Monday, February 11, 2013

0 wine & games with friends

these are essential & need to be enjoyed much more often than they currently are at our house. our dearest of friends, sarah, camilla, amanda & scot joined us in a night of imbibing & laughing to our hearts content. we {ivan & i} probably shared too much about ourselves {when do i not? i have that tendency - it's probably why i was attracted to blogging - "hey world i don't have enough people around me to whom i can tell my every thought . . . i know i'll share them with everyone!"}. in a word it was fantastic & i can't wait for it to happen again. happy monday everyone! i hope you had as lovely a weekend as i did! i have a  four day weekend & i am excited as hell! see you soon! {this blog is turning into a "what i've done over the weekend" thing - we'll see if i can be a little more consistent with the other posts . . . }

remember me? 
our lovely amanda & sarah!
this lovely girl brought us back guava jam {looooove this stuff} from barbados! thanks camilla!
the game for the evening - so much fun!
ivan was really happy when scot showed up & he wasn't weighed down with the responsibility of representing all "mandom"
favorite pic of the evening!

sarah & i were twinsie winners!

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